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Bild vom Flyer Janusz Beck Centrum

26. - 28.05.2023

The photographic work centrum explores the hidden elegance and the contemporary historical role of the post-war modernist architecture in Hamburg, Germany. The exhibition deals with the urban structures and the image of the society in a West German city.

Studio 45
Wendenstraße 45c, 20097 Hamburg
Open: Fri. from 6 pm, Sat. & Sun. 3 - 6 pm

An event in the context of the Hamburg Architecture Summer 2023.

Hamburger Architektur Sommer


The hart series is part of the group show Metamorphosen at studio katerbau in Marnitz.
Thank you Maren Katerbau for the invitation.


Vernissage: 17.09.2022 at 6:30 p.m.

studio katerbau
Grabower Str.4
19376 Marnitz (Ruhner Berge)

Group show and live events.

With: Janusz Beck, Daniel Feistenauer, Maren Katerbau, Dorothea Tuch, Christian Schwarzenberg & Michael Sontag, Julia Steinigeweg and much more.

Photo: Dorothea Tuch
Idea and concept: Nils Haarmann und Maren Katerbau


As part of the Wiesbadener Fototage, my work hart will be shown at the Frauen Museum Wiesbaden from August 13 to 28. I am very happy and thank the team of the Wiesbadener Fototage for the nomination.

Wiesbadener Fototage

Frauen Museum Wiesbaden
Wörthstraße 5
65185 Wiesbaden


Opening hours:
Wed & Thu from 12 am - 5 pm
Fri to Sun from 11 am - 5 pm

I talked to Giersch Magazine about my series hart. Thank you Eva for the great article!
Find the whole interview at: Giersch Magazin für Stadtraum und Natur


02. - 05.06.2022

These mountains and forests are entwined with German history and Germanic myths: according to legend, unicorns lived here and witches met to dance. Emperors resided here and the peasantry rebelled. The seemingly untouched forests and mountains were places of longing for German Romanticism. But place names such as Elend and Sorge still speaks of the exploitation of man and natur. Under National Socialism, caves and forests were used as concentration camps. After the war, the inner-German border crossed the mountains, and currently climate change is destroying the forest cover over large areas. The forested mountains once gave the low mountain range its name: Hart. Over time, this became the region's current name: Harz. The series Hart deals with a wide concept of landscape, which includes socio-cultural, economic and ecological contexts as well as the manifold interaction between man and environment in the landscape. The combination of documentary photographs with collected plants and objects represents an archive that documents and reflects the identity and condition of a region and a society.

Studio 45
Wendenstraße 45c, 20097 Hamburg
Open: Thu. 16 - 21 h Fr. - Sun. 11 - 18 h

The exhibition takes place within the